• #hellomynameis is a campaign to encourage and remind healthcare staff about the importance of introductions in healthcare, helping us to provide truly person-centred, compassionate care. It is one of the 'responsibility' values we are implementing as a practice
  • #hellomynameis was started by Dr Kate Granger MBE. Kate was a doctor but also a terminally ill cancer patient and, during her treatment, realised that many of the staff delivering her care didn't introduce themselves to her. She started her campaign - initially on social media - to encourage and remind healthcare staff about the importance of introductions. 
  • #hellomynameis has four core values, which are held as part of compassionate care. These are values we also believe in: 

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Communication is of paramount importance.  Timely and effective communication which is bespoke to the patient makes a huge difference and starts with a simple introduction.


The Little Things

The little things really do matter – they aren’t little at all, they are indeed huge and of central importance in any practice of healthcare and in society.  This could be someone sitting down next to you rather than looming over you or holding the door open for someone coming through.


Patient at the Heart of All Decisions

“No decision about me without me”.  These words ring true in healthcare as the most important person is the patient and everything should be done with them in mind.


See Me

It's important to see the patient as a person first and foremost before disease or bed number.  Individuals are more than just an illness, they are a human being, they are a family member, they are a friend etc and we should all remember to see more of an individual than just the reason they are using healthcare.