Patient Participation Group (PPG)

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What does the PPG do? 

The PPG meets every 12 weeks. Meetings are generally held on a Monday at 6pm. PPG meetings are also attended by the GP partners and Practice Manager and are an opportunity for joint discussions on issues relating to the Practice.

These might include offering advice about future service planning or developments at the Practice and raising issues that are concerning patients.

The PPG also helps with the development of patient information, such as patient data, appointments system and car parking issues.

Members of the PPG also talk to patients about their experiences at Bron-Y-Garn and offer advice where appropriate.

The PPG is not a forum for complaints


When and where do the PPG meetings take place? 

PPG meetings are generally held on a Monday evening at 6pm, usually in the boardroom at Bron-Y-Garn Surgery. You can see future meeting dates on our events page here.  (Next meeting 28th September 2020)


Youth Patient Participation Group (PPG)

What is a Youth PPG?

A Youth PPG is a Patient Participation Group and health forum, made up of young people from around the locality. The organisation looks at ways to improve wellbeing and health services for young people, such as working with youth clinics, talking to GPs and nurses, as well as training to become Community Connectors.

A Youth PPG presents a great opportunity for any young person, aged 19 years or under, interested in health, medicine and/or promoting the youth voice.

We are looking to establish a Youth Patient Participation Group with a view to it meeting every eight to twelve weeks on a weekday afternoon.

Please register your interest on our PPG application form

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