Manage, monitor and learn about your COPD, wherever you are.


If you have been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) you will be invited to an annual review with the Practice Nurse.  During these reviews the Practice Nurse will discuss your symptoms, check your inhaler technique and optimise your treatment.  Spirometry is often performed during this appointment, this appointment typically takes 20 minutes. 

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When you are due for your review you could complete an online review before your appointment. You can also check your inhaler technique using these videos  


If you smoke, stopping is the most effective way to prevent COPD getting worse.  Help can be found here

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a specialised programme of exercise and education designed to help people with COPD.  It is the single thing that makes the biggest difference to quality of life for people who have COPD.  If you would like to explore this further please speak with the Practice Nurse during your appointment.  More information can be found here 

Sustainability in healthcare is a very important priority and at Bron-Y-Garn we are looking at ways in which we can help improve the environment.  Recycling your inhalers by taking them to our local pharmacies who support the Complete The Cycle project is a very easy change to make.  A large proportion of the NHS carbon footprint is due to a certain type of inhaler, the Metered Dose Inhaler.  Simply changing this type of inhaler, where appropriate, to a Dry Powder Inhaler can have a significant environmental benefit. 



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